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Explore our diverse range of easygoing and rare houseplants, perfect for beginners, experts, and all the plant-loving mamas and papas out there. Get ready to giggle, grow, and make your home a thriving botanical haven!


Branch out with Bonsai: Fear Not the Tiny Trees! Bonsai cultivation is as delightful as it is approachable. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned grower, our hands-on classes will demystify the art of bonsai and have you nurturing your miniature masterpiece with confidence.

Classes & Workshops

Expand Your Green Horizons: Whether you’re into bonsai, macrame, succulents, or eager to learn the secrets of repotting, our engaging classes cater to every plant passion. You’ll leave inspired and ready to nurture your lush, leafy companions like a pro. Join us and let your plant prowess blossom!

Plant Accessories

From Roots to Shoots: Your One-Stop Shop for Plant Care Essentials! We’ve got you covered with an array of high-quality pots, trellises, bonsai tools, and more. Equip yourself for success and let your green sanctuary thrive with our curated selection of plant-loving must-haves.

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Large Indoor Varieties

Indoor Plants



About Our Store

Itty Bitty Trees is a tropical plant shop nestled in the heart of Paris, TN. Our haven of verdant treasures offers a delightful selection of lush houseplants, beginner-friendly bonsai trees, and an array of charming plant-related accessories, perfect for sprucing up your space and bringing nature indoors. Our passionate owner, Holly Mixon, will help you find the ideal plant companion to suit your personality and environment.

Whether you’re a seasoned green thumb or a budding plant parent, our engaging workshops are designed to inspire and educate, ensuring your plant journey is as delightful as our botanical oasis. Embrace your inner horticulturalist and join us at Itty Bitty Trees, where nature’s beauty flourishes in every corner.

What Customers Are Saying

I have relied on Holly at Itty Bitty Trees in Paris, TN for all my bonsai and house plant needs. She helped me pick out the perfect Bonsai for my apartment and I’ve managed to keep it alive with her guidance and advice! I highly recommend Itty Bitty Trees!

Rusty H.

Bonsai Enthusiast

Holly is a wealth of knowledge but more importantly has the ability to patiently share it. I recently inherited my grandparents homestead which has plants that have been in our family for generations. I have no knowledge of how to care or regrow them but she guided me through the process in a way that I not only understood what to do but why the steps were important.

Michael H.

Monstera Man

If Holly can help this guy keep a plant she can help anyone! Truly beautiful Bonsais can be had by anyone. Highly recommended!

Dr. Dan R.

Bonsai Beginner

Our Grand Opening

Now that the dust has settled from that incredible Grand Opening, I wanted to take a moment and thank you all for your immense support. Itty Bitty Trees began as an Instagram account and a dream a few years ago, and I’ve been so crazy lucky to see it blossom into fruition. I’m truly in awe of the way this beautiful small town and its sweet residents showed up for me on Saturday.

So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all of you near and far who have shared my posts, sent kind words of encouragement and gifts, walked through the doors (over 100 of you!), purchased something from my small business, spread the word, or lent a helping hand during the build-out. I cannot thank you all enough for welcoming me and my family with such warm, open arms. – Holly Lyons-Mixon

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