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Enriching Workshops

Expert-Led Learning

Dive into the world of botany with our expert-led workshops, where Holly Mixon and her team share their passion and knowledge. Whether it’s mastering the art of bonsai or understanding the subtleties of tropical plant care, our classes are tailored to foster your skills and confidence in plant parenting.

Hands-On Experience

Get your hands dirty in the best way possible! Our workshops offer a hands-on approach that allows you to practice as you learn. Each session is designed to be interactive, ensuring you leave with a living souvenir and the know-how to help it thrive.

Community & Connection

Join a community of plant enthusiasts in the cozy ambiance of Paris, TN. It’s not just about plants; it’s about people. Our workshops are a place to meet fellow green thumbs, share stories, and connect over the shared love of greenery. It’s where plant friendships bloom alongside our verdant treasures.

Our Event Calendar

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Kokedama & Cocktails

Thursday, November 9

Time: 5:30 PM to around 7:00 PM
Cost: $40 per person
Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Ages: 18+ Recommended
Drinks: Bring Your Own Beverage Includes: Everything You Need!
What is Kokedama?
Discover Kokedama, the elegant Japanese art of sculpting moss into lush, green orbs to cradle plants, creating a living sculpture. Elevate your gardening— sign up for our class to learn this serene, potless planting technique. Bring the tranquility of nature into your home!

Kids Macramé Mini-Makers

Saturday, November 11

Time: 4:00 PM to around 5:00 PM
Cost: $30 per person
Skill Level: Beginner
Ages: 6+ Recommended
Includes: Everything You Need!
What is macramé?
Macramé is a delightful crafting technique where various knots create elegant and artistic designs from cord or string. Ideal for children, it enhances creativity and motor skills as they weave items such as wall art and bracelets. If kids encounter difficulties, parents can guide their little ones’ hands through the knots, turning complex patterns into a bonding activity that culminates in a sense of achievement and beautiful handmade pieces to display a favorite plant, adding a touch of nature and accomplishment to any space.

Sip and Twist - Adult Macramé Class

Thursday, November 11

Time: 5:30 PM to around 7:00 PM
Cost: $35 per person
Skill Level: Beginner
Ages: 18+ Recommended
Drinks: Bring your own suds to sip on
Includes: Everything You Need!
What is macramé?
Macramé is a form of textile produced using knotting techniques. Originating from 13th-century Arabic weavers, these intricate patterns are crafted by hand, without needles. Our “Sip & Twist” macramé class offers a relaxing ambiance where adults can create their own elegant plant holders. Feel free to bring your favorite beverages to sip as you twist and knot your masterpiece! Join us for a creative evening of craft and companionship.

Bonsai & Bottles - Adult Bonsai Class

Thursday, November 30

Time: 5:30 PM to around 7:30 PM
Cost: $60 per person
Skill Level: Beginner
Ages: 18+ Recommended
Drinks: Bring your own favorite drink
Includes: Everything You Need!
What is bonsai?
Join us for a serene bonsai-building class, where the art of miniature trees is demystified. Discover the accessible joy of creating your own bonsai in a relaxed, welcoming environment. Feel free to bring your favorite drinks and embrace this ancient practice made simple. Our aim? To unwind the complexities of bonsai, showing it’s a craft anyone can enjoy. Come, let’s grow together!

About Our Events

Step into Itty Bitty Trees, your Paris, TN sanctuary for traditional, rare, and exotic houseplants. Our shelves are an ever-changing gallery of green, showcasing plants from the familiar favorites to the intriguingly unusual. Whether you’re a seasoned plant enthusiast or a curious newcomer, our collection promises a botanical treasure for every home.

Beyond our vibrant plant selection, Itty Bitty Trees is a hub of learning and creativity for all ages. Our classes cater to both adults and children, ensuring that the art of plant care and the joy of crafting with nature’s beauty are accessible to everyone. Adults can unwind and expand their green-thumbed skills with our array of workshops. For the younger botanists, our kid-friendly sessions are designed to spark a lifelong love for nature. We engage their imagination and encourage their hands-on involvement in a fun, nurturing environment. From the intricate knotting of macramé to the zen-like sculpting of bonsai, the lush embrace of kokedama, the vibrant strokes of painting, to the whimsy of terrarium building, there’s a class for every pair of hands and every curious mind.

Seeking a unique way to celebrate or gather with friends? Itty Bitty Trees offers private parties and private lessons. We’re equipped to host you at our plant-filled space, or we can bring the leafy festivities to your preferred location. And because our community is the heart of our business, we welcome your ideas for new workshops. Your input helps us to branch out, offering experiences that resonate with our plant-loving patrons. At Itty Bitty Trees, we’re more than a plant shop. We’re a place where plants meet passion, where learning grows, and where every visitor can find something to inspire their inner botanist.

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